Raymond Campbell: The Surgeon Entrepreneur

 Raymond Campbell: The Surgeon Entrepreneur

Raymond Campbell:

Chief Executive Officer at Phulukisa Health Solutions

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Healthcare: something we all need, but not all receive. That is why the work of people like Dr. Raymond Campbell, matters. “It makes me happy…I like to leave the world a better place than I found it, but I’m not going to get there by shouting orders, sometimes you need to get your hands dirty.” Raymond’s fervor for healthcare and his hands-on approach to the field are highly esteemed within the medical community.

Reflecting on his youth, Raymond recalls, “When I was young I always liked to break things apart and put them back together and that was really fun to me.” His early fascination with invention and problem-solving led him to become a surgeon, where he could actively contribute to the well-being of those in need. “I’m good at thinking innovative plans and I’m good at surrounding myself with good people and I’m not afraid to have them step forward or help them step forward and be that impact player.”

Despite his success as a surgeon, Raymond was troubled by certain aspects of the healthcare industry, particularly the financial burden it imposes on individuals managing chronic conditions like diabetes. Recognizing the negative impact of financial constraints on patient health, he expressed his desire to “save on the financial costs of healthcare.”

Driven by the mission to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, Raymond conceived the idea of the Medi-pack. This innovative backpack, designed to test for major health risks such as hypertension, strokes, TB, HIV, and diabetes, can be easily transported to rural areas by healthcare workers. He explains, “We want to do the most good for the most people.”

Before developing the Medi-pack, Raymond spent time in private practice, where he realized the need for healthcare in rural areas: “Everyone who sees you really needs you, whereas in private [practice], people come with little things.” His caregiver spirit and disdain for cruelty motivated him to explore alternative avenues, ultimately leading him to the conviction that he couldn’t be in private practice for the rest of his life.

And unlike the majority of mankind, Raymond beats his alarm clock on most days. His motivation; “I love life.” This enthusiasm for life that Raymond possesses infiltrates every aspect of his life – from his private life to his work, and even his view of the past. “People forget about the graveyard of failures,” and yet, it is the failures that lead you to become the person you are today.

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