Phillip Mostert: Pioneering Impactful Entrepreneurship for a Flourishing Future

 Phillip Mostert: Pioneering Impactful Entrepreneurship for a Flourishing Future
Phillip J Mostert

Phillip Mostert:

Vice President @ Fio Capital Group | SENATOR in the G20 affiliated World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) | Strategic Business Specialist 

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“The future of local economies, and global economies, lies in the hands of entrepreneurs, and that’s what excites me most.” Phillip Mostert, Vice President of Fio Capital, is in business because of the thrill. The excitement that comes with watching a business succeed and grow. “That’s the true part of entrepreneurship that excites me; creating opportunities for other people.”

As an entrepreneur with much wisdom gained by years of trial and error, Phillip hopes to be remembered as someone who made a difference in individuals’ lives. “I hope people will be able to celebrate my life as somebody who’s made a difference in their life.”

Some of Phillip’s greatest life-lessons involve cultivating and nurturing relationships, especially when one is in a leadership position. “My approach to leadership is to cultivate a relationship where people can trust you. Leaders need to be trusted.”

As a leader in the field of entrepreneurship, Phillip shares one of the most important aspects of a leader; “They have to cultivate a mindset of cooperation, and a willingness amongst people – be it the lowest-earning employee, or the highest. We are all people. I think that’s the most important.” And not only cooperate, but also a humble spirit, where the leader listens to the concerns of their people.

“Leaders themselves need to listen – listen to their people. People who are there because they want to be there, not because they have to be there.”

“A low point in my life, looking back, would definitely be that I didn’t realize the importance of education when I was younger. I was too eager, too aggressive, to get out there and run a business and do my own thing,” Phillip admits, turning his attention to other pitfalls you entrepreneurs tend to make. “There’s a saying that you are never too old to learn, but often people tend to neglect what it really means. Learning new stuff, staying with the trend of the day, is important and I encourage every entrepreneur out there today to take it seriously, to keep on learning.”

“Fortunately I’ve always had a passion for reading, and I’ve personally collected well over a thousand biographies in my life which I’ve read – every single one of them. But it’s not enough. So, well into my fifties, the bug bit me and I started studying, and I keep on studying to this day.”

Currently a very successful entrepreneur and businessman, Phillip acknowledges that the road to success has been challenging. “I’ve literally been bankrupt several times, which I am not proud of.” By being a “bulldog in a china shop”, Phillip states that he was far too eager to start a business, which then led to unnecessary pitfalls. “Just wanting to get out and change the world. Not taking coincidence, not knowing better, making mistakes and learning the hard way.”

“Life has taught me that we are surrounded by role models. And these role models do not necessarily need to be wealthy or successful.” Phillip’s most celebrated role model is his mother, but he sees everyone as a “potential role model”

“Seeing a startup and a business grow, and develop from a mere thought, or an idea, to be [a flourishing company]; people are employed, management takes over from the entrepreneur and builds a bigger, better company. It’s more than a thrill; it’s satisfaction.”

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