Jaco and Jenira Vorster: The Creatively Logical Duo

 Jaco and Jenira Vorster: The Creatively Logical Duo

Jaco Vorster:

Web Designer at Fio Capital Group

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Jaco and Jenira, a dynamic duo in web development and design, epitomize the essence of a power couple. “I guess the best way to put it in a metaphor, is that he’s the string to my balloon,” Jenira aptly describes their synergy. 

Their journey together, which commenced six years ago, defied the conventional 9-to-5 trajectory. Recognizing that their combined strengths could achieve more, they embarked on a path that intertwined their personal and professional lives. Along the way, they exchanged vows, welcomed a baby girl into the world just over a year ago, and watched as their careers flourished, seamlessly merging into an interlinked and burgeoning business. “Together we can build something stronger,” Jaco affirms. “We play off of each other’s strengths. Where I’m more analytical, she’s better with relationships and client interfacing and things like that.”

Amidst their professional ascent, Jenira’s diagnosis of ADHD emerged as a pivotal aspect of their entrepreneurial narrative. Rather than viewing it as a hindrance, she embraces her ADHD as a catalyst for success in the entrepreneurial realm. “Getting diagnosed does play a role in how you manage your time, how you manage your emotions,” she reflects, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and leveraging weaknesses into strengths.

Through her latest venture, Jennisis, Jenira seeks to empower fellow ADHD creatives by advocating outsourcing and time-blocking strategies tailored to the ADHD brain’s unique workings. “You are multi-passionate. You want to do a lot of things, but it’s important to outsource. Give away the tasks that you don’t want to do and are not interested in.” She continues to explain how the ADHD brain works; “You hyperfocus if you’re incredibly interested in the task. And if you have to transfer your brainpower from one task to the next task, and you’re not entirely done with that task, it has a great impact on your productivity and self-confidence…so it’s incredibly important to time-block.” 

As a married couple navigating the intricacies of working together, Jaco underscores the importance of aligning expectations. “Expectations are always different. Often times I would have a certain expectation and she would have a certain expectation. So if our expectations aren’t voiced then either the work does not get done when I expect it, or if she’s working overtime and I wanted to take 2 hours off on the day to do something – so it really helps if our expectations to be on the same page.”

Beyond aligning expectations, Jaco delves into their entrepreneurial ethos; “We’re very passionate people. We like to put everything into what we do. We always try to make sure that our attitude is on the [optimistic] side.” However, passion is not enough for an entrepreneur to keep going when the going gets tough. “You’re never going to be fueled by passion alone. There has to be a level of discipline in place because things have to get done.” Ultimately, their passion comes from one source; “A lot of our creativity and a lot of our passion and what we have to offer really comes from our walk with God, so it’s really something we push into.” 

For Jenira, the ultimate reward lies in client satisfaction. “The greatest emotion for us  is when we’re presenting something to a client and you just see them smiling…and they’re almost emotional.” Yet, their motivation transcends immediate gratification, as Jaco explains the broader significance of entrepreneurship in creating opportunities and building generational wealth, “We believe that being an entrepreneur not only creates opportunities for others but is also a better opportunity for us to build that generational wealth and be a blessing to other people as well.” 

In moments of adversity, Jaco underscores the importance of resilience and conviction in one’s purpose.“What’s really in your heart really comes out when you are under pressure…that’s when your true character shows, that’s your true potential to grow as a person as well. So if that reason for why you are doing what you are doing isn’t really strong enough, it won’t sustain you in that low moment.” 

The words that Jaco and Jenera ended their interview with were full of hope for what the future holds, and a positive attitude with which they enter the future. “I think, don’t be too serious. Every day should be fun and exciting – whether you are working or with your family, it’s important to live life with a good attitude.”

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