Herman Moolman: Education Systems that Leave a Legacy

 Herman Moolman: Education Systems that Leave a Legacy

Herman Moolman:

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As John Strachan said; “The greatest asset of a school is the personality of the teacher.” Herman Moolman, whose journey in education began with a noble aspiration – to make a meaningful impact in the lives of learners. His dedication and passion for innovative teaching methodologies soon propelled him to the position of school principal at the youthful age of 34.

“You have to think outside of the box when you are a teacher.” He continues to explain that the classical system of schooling, where students passively absorb information, is inadequate “Book and paper is boring. You need to find new ways.” 

Despite reaching the pinnacle of his career in education, Herman realized that he had “hit a ceiling”, and sought a more challenging space where he could grow as an individual. A twist of fate led him into the corporate arena, where he navigated the unpredictable terrain of entrepreneurship following an unexpected retrenchment. 

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Herman shares invaluable insights garnered along the way. “Don’t feel sorry for yourself at all. Look into yourself, find your strengths, and build from that.” His transition into entrepreneurship unveiled a newfound sense of fulfillment, marking the genesis of his most cherished role. “The role that I enjoyed most was when I started being an entrepreneur.” 

Guided by a steadfast belief in harnessing one’s strengths, Herman remained rooted in his passion for education, channeling his expertise toward pioneering educational solutions for businesses. “If ever a person wants to start as an entrepreneur, start within your own streets. Don’t try to do something that you don’t know and try to be someone else. First, look at yourself – internally; what are my real strengths?” 

In his latest venture, Herman designed and developed, alongside other members of the Fio Capital Group, an educational system to educate entrepreneurs. “We believe that we can answer many questions young entrepreneurs have.” According to Herman, Fio Academy appears to be his last business venture before he retires. “By doing this, I hope to leave a legacy.” 

For Herman, the culmination of his career journey heralds a desire to “add a bit of value”, defined not by accolades, but by the tangible impact he leaves behind. With humility and a sense of purpose, he strives to be remembered as someone who contributed meaningfully to the lives of others. Yet, amidst his achievements, Herman harbors a singular regret – that he did not embark on his entrepreneurial journey sooner.   

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