FioX: Transforming the Way Assets are Owned

 FioX: Transforming the Way Assets are Owned

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FioX will be one of the first companies in South Africa that is going to specialize in creating and managing digital tokens, that are tied to the value of tangible assets. Oppies Opperman, Project Leader of FioX says; “Tokenization is not new in the world…It’s the right time to bring it to the Africa environment, to bring the cashflow back to the entrepreneur on the ground.”

According to Oppies, Africa is “at the back door of investments in the world.” He says, “we have a lot of opportunities. We (Fio X) can bring the opportunity to the world to invest in Africa’s projects that are managed in a good way.”

Asset based investment, via tokens, is better than investing with raw capital, as it makes fractional ownership possible through tokenization. “This means that expensive assets, like a
piece of real estate, can be divided into many tokens, enabling multiple individuals to own a
share of the asset, making it more accessible and liquid,” says Oppies.

This is of utmost importance to the growth of Africa’s economy because “asset-based investment is usually only possible for wealthy and well-established companies and investors,” says Oppies. He adds that “the average man” that wants to save smaller amounts of money, R500 for instance, will receive more interest by choosing to follow FioX’s route of investment, rather than saving money in the bank. FioX will operate via Blockchain-like Platform Ledger Technology. “FioX will enable investors to get access to their investment portfolio on their phones, and select different types of tokens that are linked to real assets. Hereby the investors can see that their money is growing,” says Oppies. He concludes that FioX will be like a handheld “mini stock exchange.”

The FioX Token, which is the symbol of assets owned by an individual.

“The digital assets of FioX users’ will be insured by a series of robust security measures, like
two-way authentication, and a team of security experts,” says Juran, Chief Marketing Officer of Fio Capital. Oppies says, “We did our homework on what strategy to use and the affordable ways to enter the market. [We did not] just grab the first blockchain or platform, because technology is quite expensive. You can easily make the wrong decisions and before you know it your back is against the wall.”

According to Oppies all trial runs have been done and the FioX platform will be launched soon. He says, “We have tested it and we have run it for a long time. It is more than 15 years of development that the platform runs on.”


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