Fio Media: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Africa’s Economy.

 Fio Media: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Africa’s Economy.

Fio Media:

Celebrating the heroes of local economy.

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“I’ve worked in the media industry for a while, and I was bombarded with bad news the whole day…and nobody celebrated the real heroes that keep the economy alive – and that’s the entrepreneurs.” This realization sparked the birth of Fio Media.

Juran van den Heever, Chief Marketing Officer and director of Fio Media, was driven to create a platform that would shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs. In his words; “That’s the real-life heroes; it’s entrepreneurs. They employ, they pay people so that those people’s children can go to school so they can have a better education, and I felt like we should celebrate them.”

Juran firmly believes that entrepreneurs form the backbone of Africa’s economy, and he hopes that the rest of the continent realizes this. “This platform will show the world that we need to take a step back and celebrate these heroes because without them there wouldn’t be flourishing economies.”

The platform will not only provide insightful content but will seek to inspire. “It will inspire people out there that don’t think they will make it. It will inspire other entrepreneurs that might struggle with their businesses.” 

Juran distinguishes Fio Media from other entrepreneurial platforms, emphasizing, “There are entrepreneurial platforms…but they only have stories about business and economy…my main focus would be on the entrepreneur.” These stories aim to unveil the real person behind the business, portraying their struggles, failures, and eventual triumphs. “I see them as heroes, and we need to celebrate them.”

Fio Media was launched on the 29th of January, 2024, with the mission to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs. Juran explains, “It’s not a media platform, it’s a celebration of our heroes in Africa.” 

He envisions Fio Media becoming a well-established brand, asserting, “It gives me goosebumps because it’s going to be a well-established brand, it’s going to work because there is nothing like it.”

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