Fio Connect Café: Redefining Work-Life Balance in the Entrepreneurial Sphere

 Fio Connect Café: Redefining Work-Life Balance in the Entrepreneurial Sphere

Fio Connect Cafe:

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“We decided that we should get a place where entrepreneurs can get together. Not just to connect on evenings or once Friday mornings, a place, like a café.” Juran van den Heever, Chief Marketing Officer and director of Fio Connect Café, explains. 

“We decided to situate [these cafés] across from schools around Pretoria.” This is so that parents, who are entrepreneurs or business owners, can drop their children off at school, grab a coffee, work on their laptops, and network, without having to travel far. This café would also provide access to secure Wi-Fi, legal, tax, and marketing advice, as well as the advantage of other entrepreneurs in the same place, who can potentially help your business.

This visionary project aims to seamlessly integrate into communities and become a staple in the lives of entrepreneurs. As pioneers in offering these services, the team behind Fio Connect Café envisions these spaces as a home for entrepreneurs. Juran expresses, “I want people to realize that Fio Connect is a safe place, and it’s a place where I can get advice, a place where people can help me.”

With its main mission to help entrepreneurs grow, Fio Capital hopes to open its first Fio Connect Café in 2024. 

“I would like people to get out and connect with other people in a nice, safe environment, not working in their silos. You build a business, you’re alone. You do it all yourself, and it’s not necessary,” Juran explains.  

Juran shares that there was once a time when parents missed much of their children’s milestones due to restrictive work situations. “You want a full balanced life. After Covid, we realized that we need to be more involved in our families… and have that balance. And Fio Connect Café will let you keep that balance by working near where your children are.” 

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