Fio Capital: Helping Entrepreneurs Grow

 Fio Capital: Helping Entrepreneurs Grow

Fio Capital:

Our genuine desire is to grow greatness! We help entrepreneurs grow!

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“Business ideas come from everywhere.” And so the business people generating these ideas need to be supported to bring their ideas to life. 

Ajay Wasserman, CEO and founder of Fio Capital, recounts the genesis of the company: “We started Fio Capital initially as an entrepreneurial services consultancy group. The reason why I started [Fio Capital] was because I had the same experience with my very first business where I had to be everything for my business.”

Entrepreneurship often entails a solitary path, but Fio Capital endeavors to transform this experience. Embracing a community-oriented approach, Fio Capital emphasizes leveraging the specialized skills of each entrepreneur to construct a cohesive and efficient whole. Ajay underscores this ethos, stating,  “You can’t be everything, you need specialists to assist you. And to get everything under one roof was not possible for me back then.”

Fio, derived from the Portuguese word meaning “thread,” aspires to serve as the connective tissue binding businesses together, while nurturing entrepreneurs who dare to elevate their ventures to new heights. However, Ajay’s vision transcends mere external growth; it encompasses the internal cultivation of creativity within the company. “I am proud of the people in Fio. If it wasn’t for all the people in Fio, none of this would be possible.” The remarkable network of freelancers attracted to Fio Capital collaborates to forge a web of companies that mutually support one another, thereby fostering a robust economic ecosystem.

Juran van den Heever, the Chief Marketing Officer, elucidates Fio Capital’s operational modus operandi: “So, we are a team; the CEO and Vice President usually get ideas of starting businesses. And to give you a clear indication, it’s always in five industries, so we will always focus first on where we can make a difference. And it’s always impacting industries, so we always look for solutions in healthcare, we always look for solutions in the education space…sustainability space…technology…property. Why? Because a healthy workforce, a well-educated work force, that lives sustainable, has a place to sleep and work, will be successful at the end of the day for the economy.” And all this stems from the ingenuity of entrepreneurs.

With its primary mission being the facilitation of entrepreneurial growth, Fio Capital stands as a beacon of support for the innovators of tomorrow.

Teagan Cloete

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