Fio Academy: Fulfilling the Need for Education

 Fio Academy: Fulfilling the Need for Education

Fio Academy:

Fio Academy, your ultimate destination for comprehensive and practical education in the world of entrepreneurship.

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According to a study conducted by the Stellenbosch Business School, one in every eight South Africans is contemplating starting their own business within the next three years. Fio Academy, driven by this entrepreneurial surge, stands ready to support these aspiring business owners.

Herman Moolman, the Head of Learning and Development at Fio Academy, observes that many individuals are increasingly drawn to entrepreneurship, seeking autonomy and security in an unpredictable job market. Acknowledging the diverse needs of each entrepreneur, Fio Academy tailors its courses to address specific challenges and opportunities.

“I think we want to change the world,” remarks Michiel Nel, the Commercial Director of Fio Academy. “What makes what we do really attractive is the fact that we are able to develop at a local cost and compete internationally. So the ability to offer it globally is definitely on the radar. At the moment though, the initial focus is that we get it right in the local context.”

The forthcoming e-learning platform, slated for launch in February, promises user-friendly accessibility. While awaiting its official release, course content is already being disseminated to interested corporate entities. “We are creating content and we are selling content and courses for, predominantly, corporate clients,” adds Michiel.

“The ability to change how people view things, to change skills, to improve education, the academy will certainly satisfy that. But at the same time, also, it creates a formal environment where our existing clients – and our more corporate clients – are able to access varied areas of content,” explains Michiel. Herman elaborates that this learning platform transcends the confines of traditional classrooms, offering learners a supportive educational community. “We will be there for them.”

Herman underscores Fio Academy’s mission to equip entrepreneurs with practical skills. “We would like [people] to get skilled.” Although the courses are not accredited and only certified at this stage, Herman asserts that they fulfil a crucial need in the entrepreneurial landscape. Fio Academy aims to “show [entrepreneurs] the ropes” and foster an environment conducive to personal growth and business development.

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