BESST: A Holistic Approach to Energy Storage

 BESST: A Holistic Approach to Energy Storage


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South Africa’s ongoing energy crisis, which began in 2007, has spurred the emergence of solutions aimed at providing the public with a sense of security amid uncertainty. One such player in this arena is Battery Energy Storage Solutions and Technologies (BESST). 

 The effects of load shedding has a dramatic effect on businesses, who have to stop operations when the power gets cut. Leon de Beer, co-founder of BESST, emphasizes the crucial need to keep businesses running, stating, “We need to keep those businesses open.”

BESST positions itself as more than a mere supplier; it acts as a holistic service and supply company, strategically connecting top-tier solar panel suppliers with skilled technicians to create customized solutions for each client. “BESST supplies batteries, inverters, [and] solar equipment, depending on what we can find and team up with that is good quality.” Leon explains, “We make certain we can get it at an affordable price for the service that we supply and then make certain it’s installed by reputable installers only.”

Beyond its immediate solutions, BESST champions sustainability. Leon underscores the importance of matching energy systems to clients’ specific needs to reduce replacement cycles, minimize waste, and lower long-term costs. Leon explains, “What you don’t want to do is if you have too many replacement cycles, you have a way bigger recycling responsibility than having more expensive equipment. But that will last 3 times as long that only has one recycling impact. Plus you didn’t have to buy an extra two sets, and your system will be more reliable, and the performance will be better.”

Highlighting BESST’s commitment to quality, Leon points out the significance of certifications, as he puts it, “it doesn’t help to help to hire someone who is certified to plant a tree to install your solar panels.” And, as a business that is focused on long-term solutions to individual’s problems, BESST is focused on quality. “We ensure integrity in the product … by making certain all the certifications that need to be there, are there. Not just a certification on a data sheet for the sake of having a number there. Because who knows when they look at a data sheet what that certification means?”

What sets BESST apart is its meticulous attention to customer-centric details such as warranty terms, conditions, and turnaround times. These factors, combined with a steadfast focus on long-term solutions, contribute to the high quality of services offered. “At the end of the day that best solution, the BESST solution, is a solution that does the job correctly, [and] was installed correctly.”

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